Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vacation plans

So, we may be stuck in Paris for the ENTIRE school holidays but B has finally agreed that a quick vacation is in order. Hopefully we'll book everything this weekend. But we can't decide where to go- Sicily or Sardinia. Anyone have an input?!! I am leaning towards Sicily because I seem to find nicer hotels (lots of agri-tourism farms which would be great with the girls, I think) but B prefers Sardinia for the scenery. The problem is, he is referring to the scenery around Porto Cervo/Porto Esmerelda which is the pricest area on the island.

We are (probably) taking the kids, so it has to be family friendly. I want to have a babysitter available so that it is not All Babies, All the Time. I suggested doing something like Club Med and that suggestion was met with a resounding 'No'. He wants a hotel that is small and chic with a great restaurant. In theory, I am in complete agreement. But did I mention that I don't want to be on duty 24/7?

Also, I looked into a highly recommended place called the Romazzino Hotel in Sardaigne, but it was over 1000 euro- a night! That is more than we would like to spend but we will only be on holiday for a week so we don't need to find a great deal either.

You would think, by this point, my travel agent skills would be honed to a fine point and yet I am stuck. Help

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