Monday, May 10, 2010

First thing in the morning

Georgia loves when B gets home from dropping off Ella at school. He sits down with her and she gets her bottle and he drinks his coffee. She has developed this habit of kicking back in her chair and putting her feet up on the table and I can't get her to stop. Of course, now its a game and she does it just so that I'll come over and start tickling her feet. She puts her feet up, then she looks over at me and flicks up her right eyebrow while grinning, as if to say, 'Yeah, those are my feet on the table, whadda ya gonna do about it?' She generally starts giggling before I am even touching her.
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Ksam said...

I love this picture - it almost looks like an ad out of a French magazine!

Nicole said...

thank you! Thats a really nice thing to say :-) I really need a new camera though- I took about 25 shots but I couldn't get the settings quite right. My poor little point-and-shoot has suffered a lot of abuse, since I am always chucking it in the bottom my purse where it gets knocked around. I think the auto settings are getting burned out, if thats possible?