Sunday, May 02, 2010

just a quick round-up

Two glasses of wine into the evening and I am chatty enough to try to get up a message before going to bed, but not quite eloquent enough for anything other than bullet points:

*LOVE that they are playing Mad Men in VO on Serie Club! I had been suffering through bad downloads, but this is much better. If only the kids had been in bed on time (or B had helped a bit more for the bedtime routine...) and I had seen the first episode.

*Went to Brunch Bazar over in the 10th this afternoon with the girls and had a great time. It is a bit too bobo for B, but I am definitely going back next month. Am glad that I planned ahead and dressed myself and the girls appropriately. Although, hopefully will have had my shopping spree by then as I had my only cool outfit on and would hate to do a repeat.

*We actually ate before we went over there because I was Starving and didn't want to trust my next meal to a bunch of hippies (well, its supposed to be all Bio and you never know just how seriously they will take that.) For the first time ever, Georgia sat nicely and Ella ate almost an entire meal without complaining so- dare I say it?- we had a nice family meal in a resto. A first!

*And although it isn't technically a first, Georgia did a full night last night. In bed at 8 and barring a weird shriek at 5 am, no noise until 6:30 this morning. Then quiet until 8:15. That, my friends, is magical. And the day before? She woke up at 4, I gave her some water, and she slept until 9!!! I feel almost human right now. Its lovely.

*I was surfing the web and came across this post which has got me craving waffles. I haven't had a good waffle since Christmas 2008. Why don't I have a waffle iron?!! I would totally make waffles... on occasion. I would ask for one for Mother's Day but I apparently I have a blank check (B said whatever Ella wants to get me goes, and I am prepared to brainwash/bribe/manipulate her to avoid any errors. I know, I'm shameless) and I'm not going to waste it on a waffle iron. But I'm tempted.

* So its decided - Sardinia will be our destination and I may have even found a hotel. Although I am really wondering if I wouldn't enjoy a stay at a really good agri-tourism farm? Nothing is officially booked so I will be mulling it over tonight but will be happy to just book things tomorrow. This looks nice, but I am not sure that they accept children...

Lets all cross our fingers and hope for a good night for Georgia. I could really use a nice start to the week. Ella is back at school, hurrah! It'll be nice to be back on a normal schedule.


Shannon said...

We're heading to Sardinia too! Hope you find a place :) We're staying in Olbia. Where'd you find an agrifarm ?

Nicole said...

On, there were articles on a few different agriturismo hotels that sounded like they would be great. Unfortunately, we are getting into the summer period so things are pretty booked up but it sounds like a great thing to do- maybe next year when Georgia can enjoy it better.