Friday, April 23, 2010

Sunny days


Lately, Georgia wakes up from her nap and by the time that I get in her room, she is already standing up and pointing to her coat. I give her her coat and with her eyes still half stuck shut, she stumbles to the front door, and bangs on it, calling out "Ma'am! Ma'am!" til I get my shoes and coat on, and we can go on a walk. I go in a different direction each afternoon, and we headed to the Jardins des Plantes yesterday. They don't have all the flowers in the ground yet, but the trees were all flowered out.

On the way home, I stopped on Ile St Louis to get Georgia her first ice cream cone. To say that she was underwhelmed would be overstating things. She wanted one, desperately, while we were in line. As each person walked past, licking their cone, she went crazy with the pointing and yelling. When I finally gave her a cone, she got this sort of confused look on her face. I tried to guide it to her lips but that just made her mad. So I snapped photos while she held the cone gingerly at arms distance, with a suspicious look on her face. So, not exactly frame-worthy. Then, while I put my camera back in my bag having admitted defeat, she turned the cone upside down and rubbed it on her coat. And this round goes to Georgia.
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