Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sick day(s)

I have not been this sick in years, quite honestly. It started with a sore throat a few days ago and by Tuesday night, I could barely lay still in bed because my entire body felt like it was covered in bruises, my joints ached, I was ice cold and couldn't stop shaking, and when I did manage to I drift off, I had crazy fever dreams. I woke up on Wednesday morning soaked with sweat but still shaking and told B that he was going to have deal with the kids on his own. There was no possible way for me to get out of bed. He is such a star. He took Ella to centre de loisirs and arranged for Georgia to spend the day at garderie. He went back and forth from work to fetch them and drop them off. Then he took them to park to give me some extra quiet time and fed them and put them to bed. All of this on top of getting up with Georgia all night long (for two nights). She was either sick as well or going through some sleep issue AGAIN so he was probably in there every hour.
I know that this is part of the job of being a parent, whether you are the mother or the father, but I just am so so grateful for everything that he did. Its hard being sick, but when I feel something coming on, I immediately stress out, thinking about how impossible it is to deal with the kids when I am not on top form. Its nice to be reminded that I'm not actually doing this on my own. Big gold star for B.
Also, the sad truth is that the only time that I manage to lose weight is when I am ill. I suppose it gives me a silver lining to look for when I am lying in bed, writhing in pain. On the other hand, maybe this is an indication that I have zero willpower and I might want to try working on that rather than having to lick My Little Petri Dishes every time my jeans get tight.

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