Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eat your greens

I am on my eternal quest to discover the secret to the juice recipe at the Spa at George V. On Thursday, I tried out 5 kiwis + 1 cucumber (minus what the girls begged off me first) + 3 Granny Smith + a bowl of seedless green grapes. Close, but not quite. I think I need less kiwi and just a bit of mint. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my juicer to effectivly juice a bunch of leaves- I end up with about 2 spoons of liquid for 3 euro worth of mint and 40 minutes of clean-up. Not what I would call a great return on investment. I'm thinking of throwing in the towel on this one and just buying a bottle of mint syrup. Even a sub-par juice is still excellent, though. I could live on this stuff.

That night, I was clearly energized by the jug of green juice that I had inhaled earlier in the day and I whipped up one of my favorite dinners from my Joel Rebouchon cookbook, Saumon au Choux Poelé. The cabbage is blanched and then sauteed in butter with a bit of cream. I actually prefer to poach the salmon since I can't stand how the smell of fried salmon lingers for days, so I deviate slightly from the recipe. All of it is served with a generous drizzle of beurre blanc. I follow the instructions to the letter when it says 8 tbsp of butter in the sauce. Very naughty but so worth it. Georgia loved this so much that she was trying to swat me in the head whenever I got distracted between serving her bites and she had to wait. Ella, naturally, moaned like a dying walrus when I said that she had to eat the 'salade' but did actually clean her plate which is a rare occurance. I'll take that as her stamp of approval. Poor B had to eat his cold but he said it was still good.

This is not a meal to get me ready for bikini season, but then I have time. We had good news from the bank regarding the break-in (to be confirmed...) but rather than celebrate with a vacation to the Spanish coast like I had been suggesting, we are probably going to use our savings for an investment. Yawn.

This business about being old and responsible is such a bore.

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La Mom-an American Mom in Paris said...

You got your kids to eat cabbage? That does it, I'm trying this recipe tonight!

La Mom
An American Mom in Paris

Nicole said...

I have a very simple trick- my kids will eat just about anything if I put enough butter on it :-)