Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beet juice

I had a bit of a fright the other day when I stepped on the scale the day after I was too lazy to cook dinner and had B bring home pizza. Apparently, pizza hates my skinny jeans. So, I freaked out and ran to Naturalia to stock up on healthy food. I even deigned to click on GOOP when my google search showed that there were lots of recipes on the site for detox juices. Desperate times, desperate measures, right?

SO this morning, I finally had all the ingredients in the fridge to make a mega healthy pitcher of goodness- Beet Apple Carrot Grenadine Juice. Looks gorgeous. Smells oddly like dirt. Tastes pretty good. Digestive track gave it 30 minutes and is currently in revolt. I feel like I am going to vomit. So I guess the detox part is right on the money.

Big question is, do I finish the pitcher or dump it? I am leaning towards drinking it, just because it cost so damn much to make.
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Ksam said...

Ha, I would totally be having that same inner debate - I have a tough time throwing expensive things away!!