Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So I guess our spring holiday is officially off

After scouring the internet for an hour last night, B finally found an article on the bank robbery on BFM.com, some weird little news station. I think it is pretty strange that this info wasn't on any of the major French news sites. TF1 had their top article in the police/justice section about a robbery in a small casino on the French border, in a town that I had never even heard of and yet there was nothing about a major haul from a bank in the center of Paris, which included taking the security guard hostage and threatening his life and torching the place. Hmm. Very curious. That's the thing that makes us about 99% sure that everything in every box has been taken. If the bank has made this much effort to keep the thing out of the news, it must be A Very Bad Situation.

The only good thing about this is that I had lots of important papers that I came across as I was setting up the new desk area that I had wanted B to put in the safe. Thank goodness he didn't get around to it or this would have been an even bigger disaster. Lesson learned- I'll keep my valuables in my mattress rather then trust them to this particular bank.

Unfortunately, it looks like B's grandmother's jewelry was in a different safe deposit box belonging to his uncle. She had some really beautiful things (her father was an antiques dealer in between the wars, so you can imagine the type of things that he had collected) that don't look likely to be handed down to the great-granddaughters.

B must be coming to terms with things though. This morning, he told me that he was planning on taking the key to his safe deposit box and framing it; he figures it'll be a fun story to tell people, atleast. My goodness, has my cynical Frenchman decided to look for the silver lining? He has clearly been spending too much time with his American family. Next thing you know, he'll be wearing Crocs.

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