Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter's on its way...

So the party was fun last night. Very girly. Just what I needed. We even called up my friend's plastic surgeon, who met us for a drink at the Fumoir, and told us all about botox. He had us all contorting our faces in ridiculous ways so he could show us just what he would be doing. We are going to do a Champagne and Botulism party in two weeks time- meet at his office for a group appointment. Apparently some of the girls are totally addicted. I thought about doing it just to see what it was like. I really hope that I don't get to the point where I can't do without. Hmmm- wonder if this is such a great idea. Oh, and the dress got a thumbs up from everyone (including my dear husband), they said that I looked very skinny wearing it, and I ask nothing more from my clothes. Also, the consensus was that my haircut was good and I should make another appointment with Barbara even though I had to pay such a ridiculous amount at my last appointment. The collective gasp when I announced how much I paid made me feel slightly better about how my own jaw hit the floor. It did me so much good to get out of the house and hang out with my girlfriends. I like my mommy friends who I see all the time at playgroups and the school pick-up but - and maybe it is just because the kids are around and its hard to let your hair down when technically we are all 'at work'- its just not fun enough. So lesson learned. Even if it means spending all day Friday in a sleep-deprived haze, I am going to try and make plans to go out, alone, every week. A mental health day, so to speak.

Easter is coming up and I need to start on our projects. So far, I have the stuff for the peeps, which we will try out tomorrow. I've scoped out the baskets at my 'supplier' over on rue des Ecoles (I don't know the name but this quincaillerie has just about any kind of woven basket you could need). Georgia needs a basket this year- and she definitely needs her own supply of treats. She is such a little monster. If Ella has any sort of food, Georgia thinks that she needs to have exactly the same thing. No matter that Georgia has only 2 teeth (and at this point, they are still only half teeth). I cannot imagine the battle that will break out on Easter Sunday if Ella comes waltzing in with a basket full of chocolate bunnies and I try and hand Georgia a teething biscuit. Still, I don't know what I can buy that will look like a chocolate bunny but actually be somewhat healthy for a 13-month-old baby to eat. I've already talked to the lady at the chocolate shop about setting stuff aside for me so I don't have to worry about her running out of stuff before I manage to get there. I'll have to see if she has any suggestions. Internets, can you help?!!

Anyways, baskets. After looking through the pics on Marthastewart, I've decided that I'll need to make one filled with flowers for my MIL. We are going to her house for Easter dinner and she never buys herself flowers so I think she'll like it. The photos I saw on the martha site were Gorgeous. If I can manage something half as nice, we are set. Maybe I could even take the basket over to my fav flower shop and have them do it for me?

I think it would be fun to dye eggs with Ella, but of course that means running around to every grocery store in town to try and find white eggs. Its so weird that the eggs they normally sell in the shops are brown. I have two weeks, so I should manage to stumble across them if I keep my eyes open. Now is one of the times when I wished that I had renewed my Message membership. The forums were great for hunting down things like white eggs. Oh well.

I would love to have the girls in matching Easter dresses so I might have to do a bit of shopping yet. My mom always got us pretty dresses for Easter and so its basically a family tradition; B can't argue with that :-)

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