Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shit. After going into the commisariat the other day and talking to the police, I swore that I would absolutely call them the next time the neighbors had a party and made any noise at all. Looks like they are having a dinner party right now. Am I going to have go through with my threat?

As soon as I heard the first burst of laughter, I got a gigantic knot in my stomache and it is only getting worse.


Ok. Police came and the police are lovely. Of course, it took them 45 minutes to get here and we stood in the hallway talking for a few minutes so by the time they came into listen, the noise had mysteriously stopped. They told me that it is no problem for them to come by and just to call as soon as it starts up again. They will do a warning when they hear the noise and after that they can start giving amend. Honestly, they made me feel really positive about things because they were so ready to help out.

After they left, I realized that it probably didn't hurt that I was dressed in leggings and tissue T-shirt. And it was a bit breezy in the hall. (in my defense, I didn't actually expect them to come and chat with me. I thought I just needed to point out the door.)

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