Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anyone know a hit man?

Currently hating on our downstairs neighbors after a HORRIFIC night of noise. That b&*#/! was cleaning her kitchen til 3:30 in the morning after they had their clearly drunken dinner guests shouting in the hallway at 2 am (after sitting around the dinner table screaming from midnight til 2 am). I can forgive the noisy party and the noisy guests. Maybe it was a special occasion and they haven't had one of these parties in a long time, so whatever. BUT I cannot deal with the fact that after we put up with that noise, they go so far as to move the furniture, drop their bottles in the recycling and reorganize the kitchen cupboards in the middle of the night- when they know perfectly well that we hear every crash and bang. I was so stressed out by the noise that I just got out of bed and turned on a movie, waiting for her to stop. 3 hours I sat on the sofa. Thank god that Bruno fell asleep at 2:30 and was able to take care of the girls this morning.
I am going to talk to the president of our copropriete tomorrow as well as the police. From now on, I don't care how special the occasionm, I'm calling the police at midnight if there is any noise at all from their flat.
And I'll be scanning the real estate websites in search of a new place. These people are going to kill me. Atleast the girls did their part on request and screamed like lunatics at 7am in the room above our neighbors bedroom. Was it terrible that I got out of bed at actually give the kids a tambourine and mini piano, to help their 'singing'?

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