Thursday, May 10, 2007

Supermom has left the building

I guess the post-holiday Supermom disguise has already been abandoned. We had only been home from school about 10 minutes before I was fed up with Ella's antics and sent her to bed with no lunch. In all fairness, she had had a piece of cheese and a few drinks of smoothie, which is about all she manages to eat on a good day when I give her a full half-hour at the table, but still. She wanted to watch a cartoon and instead of trying to say 'TV' she started grunting and pointing. Not only was this a regression, since she has already managed to say 'TV', but when I told her to use words and not baby talk, she got mad and first started to pout and then tried to throw her dinner at me. She had been whining and acting difficult since I picked her up at daycare so I had had more than enough. Off to bed.

In all fairness, I am a bit cranky from a sore tooth. I have never had my wisdom teeth out because every time I have gone to a doctor complaining about things, they take an x-ray and show me how the teeth are still in the jaw bone. Since it only is a bit painful every 6 months or so, I figure I will put up with it and maintain full nerve sensation in my mouth. I am a firm believer that there is no point looking for trouble.

I just erased a paragraph about Ella and her speech and the new book that I just read about Late Talkers (which was both reassuring and worrying in equal parts) but I am getting bored thinking about it and I'm sure that it is boring to read about, so enough.

I need to get so much done this afternoon and while I am not exactly jetlagged, I'm feeling really really lazy. I am sick of eating out, ordering in, or scrounging around the freezer for food but am absolutely not interested in going to the grocery store. Bleh.


Sally Lomax said...

Oh poor you!

Hope you sort the teeth soon!

Nicole said...

Thanks Sally! Tooth a bit better today. Anyways, I am sure it is much less of an inconvenience than a knee :)