Saturday, May 05, 2007

california wedding

Am in CA having the BEST time. No husband, no baby, drunk at 5 in the evening. I've been to the spa everday and I am beyond relaxed. I had a hot stone massage yesterday that was absolutely amazing. Have you had one of those? I am a great big floppy jellyfish. This is awesome.

Honestly, best wedding that I have ever been to. I love Los Gatos. This town is crazy. 27,000 people and they have a Bentley dealership as well as one for Lamborgini and Ferrari. There are about 20 different spas, plus 17 hair salons and 9 shops which do only nails and waxing. Somein' for the boys and somein' for the girls. I have the choice of 6 different gyms and still, it looks like an old time village, with a main street and town square. I had the most gorgeous little mini croissant amande yesterday with a cafe au lait (with soy milk- try ordering that at your neighborhood cafe in Paris). Had breakfast today in an oldfashioned diner, hash browns with sausage and cheese, spicy salsa on the side. SOOOO good.

Best thing of all? the bride and groom. Honestly, I think they are a perfect couple. I really see them going for the long haul. Its so so nice to be able to believe, you now? Weddings always egt me a bit schmoopy. But these two really seem like they have found their match. i can't imagine my girlfriend being able to find anyone else who suits her who so perfectly as this guy. And he seems so absolutely head over heels in love with her, I am almost jealous.

Only down side is the weather which is cold and cloudy, such a shock after Paris. Need to go and change for dinner.

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Victoria said...

glad to hear to liked los gatos.
that's not to far from me, i often stop there on my way to school to grab a coffee or bagel...