Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Death by microwave

Holy fuck - I am dying right now as the result of a freak accident with my microwave. I put in a coffee mug with some soy milk for one minute as I do every morning. But today, I used a white mug and not the usual orange mug, which apparently skewed the laws of physics and instead of reaching in and grabbing a tepid mug with warm milk I wrapped my fingers around a sizzling cup of lava, thereby frying my thumb through to the bone. Two hours later I can barely remove the ice for more than 20 seconds before I start to get dizzy from the pain. I have never in my life been burned this badly. This is the weirdest thing ever. And it really really hurts. Did I mention that?

edited: Uhm, maybe I was over-reacting a bit? Its an hour and a half later and I was able to abandon my ice bag for long enough to go have a coffee with B and Ella at the cafe downstairs. I'm feeling like I might actually recover from this tragic accident. Maybe it was all the kisses that Ella gave me. She is incredibly impressed by my enormous bandage and keeps pointing sadly to my thumb, shaking her head as she says, "Oh no. Boo-boo." Then I make a sad face back and let her kiss it better. Mommy kisses work magic on her boo-boos, so why not the reverse?

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