Tuesday, May 15, 2007


On Sunday afternoon we went to the Place du Marché Ste Catherine to see the guignols, a traditional French puppet show, in a tent that had been set up for the weekend. I am going to guess that this was not as good as it gets because Ella ended up getting so bored after a half hour that we snuck out the back (quite literally, actually. We were in the last row so now way of getting to the door; instead, we lifted up the canvas and crawled out). It was a bit silly- most of the kids were around 2 or 3 years old, but instead of having the puppets up and acting things out, they kept leaving the "stage" empty while a voice described what was going on off set. Bizarre. Here in the photo, Ella is wondering where the bad guy went. Then she really screamed loudly when the baddie kept peaking his head around the corner, when the curé wasn't looking. So funny! Only, we had to pay 6 euro per person to get in, and I can promise you that B and I did not have 6 euro worth of fun, trying to keep a squirrelly 2 year old in her seat for 45 minutes.
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