Thursday, January 10, 2008

Winter sales report

What a disaster. I headed straight over to Bon Marché and immediately got distracted and veered madly off course. So many people! Normally, its a nice relaxing shop over there even on the worst days but the crowds were a bit crazy. And of course, people were doing that thing that always makes me a bit frantic- you look at an item and have just barely put it back when some crazy woman dashes in from stage left and snatches it up like it is Frodo's ring. You start thinking that maybe you didn't get a good enough look. Maybe, instead of being overpriced tat, its actually EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO COMPLETE YOUR EXISTENCE!! You move slightly to the side and pretend to be absorbed by something else, all the while watching the now desperately coveted item out of the corner of your eye. The minute that pushy woman scuttles off, you dive in to grab the rejected item. You glance over it again and realize how truly fabulous it really is. How could you have been so stupid to set it down and almost lose it?! Sure, its not your size, but thats what a tailor is for. And that makeup stain down the front will be really simple to get out with a bit of stain remover. And yeah, the ruffles all over the front are a bit... ruffly, but its the kind of trendy thing that will totally update the rest of your wardrobe. And 40% off! Which means that it will use up 80% of your shopping budget... But if you don't buy it now, it will be gone forever! If you are lucky, there is a really long queue at the caisse and while you wait, you come to your senses and abandon the item. Lucky for me, there were lines yesterday.
I walked through the purse area on my way to the escalators and very nearly blew my entire wad of cash on a Zac Posen bag. It was a beautiful bag, but would have been the ultimate impulse purchase, so I put it back. Then I noticed an enormous collection of bags at Salvatore Ferragamo (not a brand that normally catches my eye) and found a really lovely black bag. Again, I decided to take note and come back later if I find my wool coat. Up the stairs and into the thick of things, I moved from stand to stand and could not find a thing that I liked. I was starting to get a bit depressed. How grim things must be if I could pass the afternoon at Bon Marché with a wallet full of cash and not spend it. By this time I had reached the shoe section. If there is one thing that I absolutely don't need, its a new pair of shoes, I told myself. Next thing I know, I am walking out of the shoe department with a pair of Tod's flats (for the park! very useful!) that cost nearly half my budget. Sigh.
Then I veered over to the jeans area to use the toilet before heading home and I was drawn back into the feeding frenzy by the tables of 50% designer jeans and the empty changing rooms. 45 minutes later I managed to find the pair of jeans I had been looking for all season- dark blue wide leg for those of you keeping score- for a mere 50 euro, or roughly 70% off. I was skipping out of the store, happy in the knowledge that I had a useful purchase and a good deal in my bag, when I passed through an area that I had missed on my first swing through the women's area. I had the time, so I just thought I would peek around for my coveted black coat and what did I find- the coat to end all coats.

Alexander McQueen. Black wool. A beautiful fabric. A gorgeous cut. A little long, but easily hemmed. And 40% off. The price would have been perfect, if I hadn't already spend half my money. I thought about putting on my card and just dealing with B later, but after going back and forth on it for about 10 minutes, I hung it back up. I thought I might have seen the same coat on Net-a-porter that morning. I would check first before buying.

Well, once home, I saw that it wasn't the coat I liked best but another model (although it was nearly 80 euro cheaper online). I mentioned it to B and if he had had the cash this morning, I could have gone to get it. I also could have returned the stupid shoes, that I didn't particularly need. But B didn't have cash and I didn't really feel like dashing all the way over there to be disappointed. Blah, all that planning and strategizing for nothing. The only real success was that I didn't go down to the children's department. That has been my downfall these last few years. I end up spending a ton on Ella, clothes that she ends up barely wearing since she has so many things. One lesson learned, atleast.

Maybe this afternoon ella and I will do a bit more shopping. I wanted to go over to Maison des vacances to see about picking up some new pillows for the living room. I also wanted to peek at BHV to see if they had put their Kitchenaids on sale, since I finally have counterspace for one. And maybe a flattening iron as well? I think I might have to wait til week 2 or 3 before trying to venture inside BHV. When I passed last night, it was like an ant hill that someone had just stepped on. Little black insects pouring out of the doors, scurrying in all directions with their oversized packages clutched under their arms.

Ah, les soldes. What a nightmare.


Swearing Mother said...

A sales nightmare, but what fun. I am trying so hard to be good and not shop all the time, but I miss that buzz! Don't know how I'd resist if I could shop in Paris, I think that would be too difficult to resist.

It does sound like you bought well though, but I'd probably have to go back for that black coat. What a bargain.

Nicole said...

Do you know- I did go back just this afternoon and the salesgirl told me she had sold it yesterday. I expected as much. Since there is another McQ model on net-a-porter, I am thinking that I might just order that one and be done with it. Its not likely that I am going to stop needing/using a black wool coat any time soon. Well, not as long as my parents live in Wisconsin.