Sunday, September 16, 2007

taking it easy

Yesterday I think that instead of writing long rambling posts, I should have been napping. By the time Ella woke up from her nap, I had gotten the chills and my skin was starting to hurt. By the time B got home, my eyes were burning and I couldn't move without it hurting everywhere. Weirdly, I didn't have much of a fever even though I had all the symptoms. Of course, in my delirium, I concluded that the thermometer was broken and tried to send B out to find a pharmacy open so that he could buy me a new one. He very diplomatically overruled that suggestion. I ended up laying on the sofa and moaning, while B got Ella to bed, then sipping a bowl of soup so that I could take my medicine and collapsing in bed. Amazingly, this morning I woke up feeling great. Thank god- I did a bit too much googling yesterday while trying to self-diagnose and was convinced that I was having some sort of weird immune system meltdown.

Today, despite feeling pretty great, I am laying on the sofa AGAIN. Ella and B went to the Jardin d'Acclimatation but Ella said "Mama no doh, mama boo-boo! Mama (blah blah blah cute baby talk)!" I think she told me to take a nap, which is exactly what I plan on doing, right after this.

Ella is being absolutely adorable and gives me lots of kisses for my boo-boos, although it didn't stop her from throwing herself to the floor screaming when I tried to dress her this morning. Dear Miss E has a highly developed personal fashion sense and it has become a nightmare trying to figure out what she will agree to each morning. I bought the most adorable little jacket at Jacadi which reduces her to a flailing sobbing mess every time I try to get her to put it on. Today I had the misfortune of thinking that she might like to wear a pair of new brown leggings. She told me (to paraphrase 5 minutes of screaming) that she hates the flower pattern. She also hates the matching flowered shirt. We did a time-out to think about how mommy only buys nice, pretty clothes and there is no reason to throw a fit and cry about having to wear anything in her closet. She came back all smiles and kisses and "Pardon mama" - and then refused to put on a t-shirt underneath her hoodie. ARGH. In priniciple, I couldn't care less what she wears. If she really wants to wear unmatching clothes just because they are her favorite things, I think that it is a really great expression of her own personality. However, two year-olds have only a vague notion of the concept of dressing for the weather, hence my need to intervene slightly. I fear that this is only going to get worse as the year goes on. Can you imagine, if it gets any worse, I won't be able to buy her any clothes unless she picks them out herself. Otherwise, I will just end up spending hundreds of euros on clothes that just sit in her cupboard, ie my current situation.

I need to do a very serious clean out of my closet I realized after unpacking from summer holiday. I don't know how it happens that every 6 months I feel overwhelmed by the quantity of stuff I have squeezed in my cupboard, and still nothing cool to wear. And I wonder where Ella gets it from?

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