Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back to school shopping

So I know I promised all kinds of info about how I made my gorgeous, yummy, I-gained-2-pounds cupcakes. However, today, I am feeling kind of over the whole cupcake thing. Go and look at the website where I found my inspiration The Cupcake Blog. The photos are beautiful and that alone is a lot more than I can say for the shots that I took last night before B inhaled the last of the filled cupcakes. I swear, I could have done better but my camera was nearly out of batteries and there was no time for posing. It was so bad that I had to keep turning it off and shaking the camera just to get one more shot out. Considering the circumstances, I did pretty good. The most satisfying thing about this baking experience was that for the first time ever in France, I managed to make a cake from scratch that wasn't dense and disgusting but light and fluffy and almost as good as a Betty Crocker from the box type cake. Also, the frosting on the two cupcakes is the same, its just that for the second set of cakes, I decided to do it old school and frost with a knife instead of my pastry bag. Meh. I think it looks more tasty when its piped on. All input on this subject is welcome. If I am going to be the Cupcake Queen I need serious marking research on people's frosting preferences. Although I think it would hurt my heart to sell a cupcake that looked like the lefthand one.

So, now on to the subject that is taking up all my brain space right now. What do I need in my closet for fall? What I would really love to do is par down my closet so that my every day wardrobe consisted of like 10 pieces. But 10 really perfect pieces that were easy to wear, easy to clean, looked totally chic and now, and could go from the park to the shops to a dinner out with only minor changes in the accesories. I did a quick spin through the shops this afternoon and I am baffled. Why so much choice? Can we not just all agree on one aesthetic and go with it? Why/How am I supposed to choose between super large jeans or super skinny jeans- frankly I look stupid in both but having to choose between two unflattering looks just seems unfair. And do I want to wear pencil skirts or MORE babydoll dresses. Seriously, when are we going to be over this whole maternity wear fad? You know what's going to happen, the minute it ends, I will get pregnant again. And then I will be so over tent dresses and I'll have to suffer through yet another year of it. And jackets- am I supposed to buy a elastic bottom, zip up thing or a short boxy mod type thing? I need some time to mull this all over.

The problem is buying stuff that is flattering and classic and can actually be worn for a few seasons but looking like its modern and now. I ended up buying a wide grey metallic belt today at Gerard Darel because I'd been looking for ages for a wide belt and this one seemed like it was just about exactly what I wanted- and then came home and decided that it worked with nothing that I actually own. Sigh. Guess I'll try and return it tomorrow. Unless its just that I don't know how to wear it. I need a Trinny and Susannah in my life to go through my closet and tell my what to do with all my stuff. (But even if I have to return the belt, I don't care. I'll put the money towards one of those killer python handbags. OMG I would trade Ella for the one in blue in a heartbeat.)

So I think that I might be buying a pair of grey suede bottine from Mellow Yellow to wear with my narrow grey jeans and dresses. And I also saw a cream colored sweater at BA&SH with a tie at the neck which might be really great. Maybe it also came in grey. But what kind of jacket? And what kind of everyday shoes? I saw a pair of wide leg jeans on net-a-porter from J Brand that I really like but they are 200 euro so I am hesitating on that. I want a great pair of shoes for day, but I can't figure out what kind. I saw the most amazingly cool shirt at Barbara Bui in a yellow/camel silk with beaded black buttons which was totally me but didn't buy it for two reasons; 1. It cost over 400 euro. 2. Its yellow. I don't know about that. Also, it was gathered around the neck and sort of swung loose on the bottom and see above on my rant about maternity clothes. For 400 euro, that shirt has got to be my Go To shirt. You know, one of those pieces of clothing that you just can throw on and look great every time. I need a second opinion to make sure about this one. And I want to find a really great sweater as well, I think a sort of chucky grey with a big collar, maybe one that ties shut. I saw some nice ones at Zadig Voltaire but for some reason that shop always bugs me. I feel like it is the ultimate French girl store and I don't belong in there. Weird, because the salesgirls are almost always nice.

Only one way to solve this crisis- I'll have to spend some time pouring over my Elle magazine and digging through my closet to find hidden treasures.
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Alexandra said...

Hi Nicole
Very glad that you are blogging again. Sounds like you had a great summer – we also went to a stone cottage in Ireland and I agree the peat fires are the best!
Hope the fall shopping goes well, if you find 10 perfect pieces you HAVE to blog about them with photos!
p.s the piping frosting looks best on the cup cakes

Nicole said...

wow- I thought we were the only ones crazy enough to head north for our summer hols! As for the shopping, I think the purchases will slowly trickle in over the course of the season, but I do like to have a good idea of what I want ahead of time so that it all makes sense together, you know? Serendipiity is great, but just not when it comes to my wardrobe. I hate when I have a really awesome pair of shoes or a shirt in some bizarre color that goes with nothing and I end up never wearing.

The Late Bloomer said...

I agree with Alexandra: you must post photos of what you end up choosing! I think I've seen that grey belt you mentioned at GĂ©rard Darel, and I would love to have one myself... But I have such a hard time justifying something like 80€ for a belt. Then again, I guess it's worth it if you wear it all the time!

I'm SOOO into grey this year. Then again, I've always loved grey, much more than black!