Monday, September 24, 2007

Return of the worms

I swear to god, if I ever get my hands on the kid that is giving Ella worms I will murder him, cute fat toddler cheeks and all. I took Ella back to the pediatrician today because she still had diaper rash two weeks after I started her medicine and was crying about her "Boo-boos partout (everywhere)!" every time that she woke up from a nap. I was prepared to hear that it had turned into a bladder infection or something like that but I honestly didn't think that she would catch worms again after only 2 weeks in daycare. Shit.

So another round of worm medicine for the whole family. Plus loads and loads of laundry. B said that I should just chill out about it since the doctor said it wasn't necessary to do anything more than the pills for Ella but I'm sorry, I cannot sleep at night with the mental images of worms crawling around in my bed. (although that is still less gross than the eggs I ate yesterday).

Bit miserable this afternoon. Spent the first part looking through job sites for things to apply to and then, exhausted by this effort, I laid down for a nap for an hour or two. Of course, felt a bit guilty having done nothing concrete so I made a massive dinner. I had picked up a sort of squash-type thing at the vegetable stand the other day and needed to cook it. After roasting it the over for an hour, I decided that it was too squishy to eat plain so I made a soup out of it, which turned out beautifully. Our Monoprix has a fantastic organic meat section and I had a package of sausage that I need to cook as well. They were so fantastic that I was bummed to only have bought 2. Luckily, Ella only wanted eggs tonight because neither B nor I was willing to share!

And we finished off the bottle of wine after dinner over a heated discussion about where to go on vacation in November. I say Brazil. He says Costa Rica, but for no particular reason. Then I said, Namibia. Then he said Maldives. Then I said, Argentina? And he said Iceland. Then I said, yeah; maybe Iceland. Then he countered once again with Maldives. I said no. So he said why not St Barts. I made a yucky face (already been there, didn't like it enough to go back so soon). So we got down my travel guide on the Caribbean and started looking. I suggested St Lucia, but without much enthusiasm. He said yes, but without much enthusiasm. Then I got a beep that a new email had come in, and I read message that an Australian friend of mine is going to Phuket diving at the end of November, did we want to join him? I asked B, and he is non-commital but the more I think of it, the more I like the idea. Why not? Maybe our friends from HK could join us.

Honestly, if there is nothing that epîtomizes the emptiness of my life, it is these discussions where I worry about where to go on holiday. Honestly. I should just be happy to leave my house and here I am moaning because my husband wants to spend two weeks in the Maldives. The word 'vacuous' comes to mind.


Sally Lomax said...

Wait til she gets head lice too! Oh the joys.....

Alix said...

Hey Nicole,
Poor you, I used to be a primary school teacher (having a career break) and I was obsessive about hand washing. Luckily I never got anything but I have seen nits crawling on children's hair!
P.s I have finally started a blog and linked to yours hope that's okay

Nicole said...

Ooh, thanks guys. I think I might break open my bottle of wine a bit early tonight...