Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We are up bright and early today because we have lots and lots to do. Per our long-standing tradition, we will go up to Winter Wisconsin to their 4th of July celebrations. I think I've already waxed poetic last year or the year before about how much I love going to this little small town celebration. Its Americana at its best and I must be doing a good job of inculcating my girls into the culture because Ella has been asking me every morning if we go to the parade in Winter today.

The kiddie parade starts at 11:30 and I am praying that the rain passes through by then. Its refreshing after the ridiculously hot day we had yesterday* but I whipped up the best costumes for the girls and I would hate to see all my efforts go to waste. Ella has her Cinderella costume and I made the cutest pumpkin suit for Georgia. Now- will she wear it? I have been calling her a pretty princess every time she puts it on and I may have persauded her to like it a little bit. I am still going to stock up on M&Ms to feed her the whole way down the parade route, just for added insurance. The headband with leaves and a stalk is killer cute and I want everyone to see it :-)

So tonight I will try to get both girls to the fireworks but since my parents insist that a one-bedroom vacation home is more than sufficient for 15 people (madness) there is a nap rotation schedule in force so that each child takes his turn in the one room. Needless to say, I needed more than one time slot after all the excitement of swimming and playing with cousins and sausage-festing so my kids are EXHAUSTED. Family time is fun but perhaps a bit 'over-stimulating', to put it nicely. I am not used to the non-stop party lifestyle. I may need to retire to the basement and close the door for a few days next week until I've managed to relax and unclench my teeth.

OK- time to scrub up my two filthy children and wrestle them into their party clothes. I may have sorted out my photo download dilemma (good side of having so many concerned people around is that the problem is chewed on until someone finds a solution) so I hope to post something in the next few days.

*Thank goodness that we spent the entire day up at the lake, in the water, eating every meal outside at the picnic tables with about 15 of my immediate and extended family. I could have probably done with a less pork-based menu but thats what I get for moving away and turnin' into a 'feraner' Have learned my lesson and will be packing a bag with vegetables and herbs and brown rice to round out yet another sausage dinner.

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