Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Belated birthday present

Ella's birthday arrived just a week after my grandfather's funeral, so quite understandably, my mom forgot to send a present. Which worked out very well for Ella- she was paging through a toy catalog that had landed in the mailbox and found a kid's make-up kit that she ABSOLUTELY needed (I think I may have an Eloise on my hands after repeated readings of the Eloise anthology...). I said that I would bear that in mind when Christmas came along but it didn't take much more than one little 'Pleeeeeese, Mamie?' for my Mom to offer to buy it as a belated birthday gift. It arrived yesterday and has turned out to be even better than she had imagined. I remember playing in my mom's make-up when I was that age, taking turns with my best friend painting our faces all the colors of the rainbow. Make-up is the most thrilling thing to play with when you are that age. This looks like a sparkly pink Box-o-rashes to me, but you can't deny that it is Ella's dream present.
Oh well. I bought an economy-sized bottle of Benadryl on my first trip to Walmart for a reason.
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