Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Blowing bubbles

We tried ice cream and a visit to the lakeside park, but it was no good. We could not beat the heat. Then finally, it finally started to cool off around dinner time, when the wind picked up and blew away the humidity that had been hanging over the day like a heavy, wet blanket. We had my aunt and uncle over a dinner of grilled steaks and salade from the garden, with a gorgeous bottle of Napa Valley wine that my parents picked up last fall on their trip out there. We sat out on the patio and spent a couple of hours talking and drinking- we probably would have been there even longer if we hadn't run out of the good wine so quickly! The girls started getting a little antsy at the table, but that it what is so perfect about dinners outside. I grabbed a bottle of bubbles and they were happy to play for another hour while we watched them run and laugh around us. I managed to snap a few photos, to remember it all.

(and once again, there they are, in matching dresses. I swear- its like a disease. I promise myself that I will stop and then something happens, like my MIL gives me cash to buy something nice for the girls. Now, when she does that the EXACT SAME DAY that my invite to the private sales at Bonpoint arrives in the mail, its like the universe is telling me that I need to buy them these little outfits. How can you argue with the universe, people? You can't. You can only hand over your cash.)
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