Saturday, March 03, 2007

report from paradise

We made it to the island. The plane was fine but as suspected the entertainment options were dismal, plus they didin't let me bring my knitting on the plane so I only had my reading and ipod to keep me occupied. The new earbuds were useful since the plane was FULL of screaming babies. Made us happy about leaving Ella at home as it was a constant reminder about how miserable it can be to travel with a child.

On the island, we found out that the entire hotel is full to the rafters. Even worse, its full of Chinese and Italians, the noisiest kind of tourists. Maybe its not even that. Its more that they always travel in packs. Too bad I haven't been better about my italian lessons, we'd have friends left and right. As is, we are quietly recovering from jetlag and enjoying our alone time. Its crazy how all the sunscreen application can put you in the mood ...

I have signed up for the Open Diver Course so I can get my divers license. I have 9 dives to look forward to and am excited about that. I am otherwise battling humidity related frizzies- last night I asked B how I looked and he said that I reminded him of someone. Ithought he meant my sisiter, how has curlier hair than me. After a moment of refletion he remembered who "Do you remember that episode of Friends when they went to Jamaica?" I nodded yes, completely baffled about where this was going. "yeah, you remind me of Monica in that episode."

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