Friday, August 27, 2010

We're back

Of COURSE Georgia has the worst case of jetlag and after a rather difficult flight (So sorry fellow passengers of Delta flight 217- I mananged to keep the screaming to a minimum but frankly, I am well aware that any screaming is too much screaming when trapped in a tin can for 8 hours...) I am hoping to get this sorted out ASAP. First night back, I was awake with both girls from 2 til 5:45 a.m. It was horrific and I nearly lost it when Georgia knocked over my block tower for the 100th time, which was my signal that it was time for them to be put to bed. Honestly, when you can't even play blocks with your 1 year-old, you need to sleep. Thats a good rule of thumb, I've found.

Last night, I managed to get Ella asleep at 2 am, at which point (sigh), Georgia woke up. I made her stay in bed but had to go in and calm her down every 15 minutes til 4:45. Its nearly noon and she is still asleep, so as soon as I finish here, she is getting her wake-up call. I hope a week is long enough to get the girls back on schedule. I am so tired. So so tired. It doesn't quite seem fair that after skipping a night's sleep while travelling that they put me through this circus. I don't know if I'll manage to survive long enough to see the outcome.

On the other hand, being awake all night, I've managed to catch up on all my blogs after doing a bit of an internet detox this summer, which was much needed. I have also discovered a new kids series on DVD that I love- Shaun the Sheep, from the people who do the Wallace and Gromit stuff. So cute and funny (although that is coming from a severely sleep-deprived person, so I'll have to verify the funniness when I am fully conscious)! Of course, it was supposed to be a new treat for on the airplane but one of my darling children decided to poke around in the carry-on bag at some point, and turned on the brand-new, purchased-especially-for-this-flight DVD player, thereby assuring that the battery was completely dead by the time we got on the plane and needed to be entertained. Did I mention that our flight back was a little bit hellish?

I hate re-entry after a long long summer holiday.

On a more positive note, I was so excited to see Georgia's new room- the color is beautiful and the fabric stickers that I ordered are adorable. It looks like such a sweet little girl's room now. Will post photos as soon as I manage to download all 1500 (!) summer vacation photos off my camera. I went to by an external hard drive last night so if all goes well, it will happen this afternoon. Extreme tiredness is not usual conducive to successful computer repair jobs, as far as I am concerned, but I am optimistic. Also, dying to look through the photos! The new camera seems like it was taking great photos and I want to get a set printed out as soon as I can.

I also looked through my giant stack of mail and I got a place at the Ecole du Louvre night school! I have wanted to do the History of Art course for YEARS and never managed to get my paperwork in on time. Finally, through some stroke of luck, the day before we left in June I remembered to download the paperwork. I did the application and had Bruno post it. I totally forgot to ask about it all summer so it was a nice surprise to come back to. Between weekly art classes at the Louvre and the abonnement to the ballet, I feel like my culture quotient will go through the roof this year.

I am in such a hazy state of consciousness that I thought it was Friday yesterday, when I had booked the sitter. Luckily, she didn't mind staying late yesterday although she must have been a bit confused about what was going on. Between this and entirely unpacking our suitcases (she even ironed everything before putting it away!), I feel like I already owe her a giant bonus for the month. Seriously, she is worth her weight in gold and pretty much is top of my list when I grimly make me list of Reasons Why France is OK. Obviously, it is the time of year when I need to pull it out very often.

Anyways, B took off work early yesterday and we managed to get out on a date. When he visits us in the States we don't tend to get much alone time, so it seems like years since we've done this. He has been so sweet and 'affectionate' since we got home that its practically like dating a new boyfriend. I know it'll wear off quickly enough, but I'm enjoying it while I can. We walked around St Germain des Pres in the rain (so romantic) and did some shopping (for computer stuff- NOT so romantic) and then had the nicest dinner at Le Recamier in the 7th. We'd gone there years ago once or twice and I don't remember it being so good. They specialize in soufflés, which seems a bit odd- are there that many soufflé-ophiles wandering the streets of Paris?, but clearly this place is a favorite of the locals and we had to beg for a table on the terrasse despite the lousy weather last night. The waiter then turned away dozens of other people, despite the fact that the terrasse was still half empty, which of course, made me feel like One of the Chosen Few. Its true that Parisian waiters can be complete b*&!%#ds, but once you've cracked the code, its so nice.

I suppose I need to add that to my list of good things about Paris- being able to sit outside on a warm night, drinking champagne and eating apricot souffles with a lovely date. Today is going to be dedicated to back-to-school organization. Top of the list- haircuts for everyone.

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