Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just a little bit longer...

We had a great time when B came to visit, which obviously kept me away from the computer and out having fun. (Remind me to tell you about how we roasted a whole pig in a giant pit when his dad came to visit for a few days.) Once he left, we were really sad but it seemed like the summer had just whizzed by and it was already time for me and the girls to start packing so... I changed our tickets to stay for an extra 10 days. Its not so much more and we still get home in plenty of time for school but we don't have to try and entertain ourselves in the city for so long. B actually was the one to suggest that it was far better to keep the kids here, where they can run around outside and play at the lake, than to take them back to the apartment.

I am so relieved. I needed a bit more time to get myself back in the mood for city life. It gets harder every year!

Lots more photos to post but I have the Mother of all Computer Viruses on my laptop and I have it at the shop right now. Once that gets sorted out, I can start downloading a few more of the 1000+ photos I have sitting on my memory stick. Its going to be a big job.

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