Monday, September 08, 2008

More tile photos

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Valerie said...

The tile actually looks fabulous and I think you will agree in time. I think this is a case of having so much time to think about it after choosing it that your mental picture of the tile morphed into something else. It looks really really good!

Nicole said...

Its definitely growing on me; I think that I just am surprised at how varied the color is. Four of the five colors are supposed to simply be tones of white. Its just that next to each other, you really notice the different colors. I did imagine in my head something much much subtle. Its nice though. It just totally changes the look of our flat, I think. Now I actually am thinking that I need to change the beige and cream hall paper for something aqua. Finding the right paper will the be hard part, I think that hanging it should be an afternoon of work for my fav handy man, B.
Its amazing how there is always another project to do! (Poor B)