Saturday, June 28, 2008

Suck it, Gay Pride. I wanna nap

Ella and I had our usual busy Saturday morning of dance class (for her)/manicure (for me) followed by lunch out (chinese for me, an extra large glass of apple juice for her...), a bit of shopping (no luck for me, school clothes for her), and finally Bertillon (the to-die-for combination of nougat miel and peche for me/the usual chocolate and wild strawberry for her) before going home. Naturally, after all this fun, all we wanted to do is take a nap. Unfortunately, I forgot that today is Gay Pride.

Now the parade does not march directly under our windows, but I'm not sure that it makes a whole lot of difference. The windows are rattling to the pounding beat of techno while the crowds scream out the chorus, not exactly conducive to sleep. And it just goes on and on and on. Despite that, Ella has been in her room, not making a peep, for the last two hours. I managed to drift off for a bit, but nearly fell off the sofa when a particularly loud airhorn interrupted my dreams. I know that I'm being a bit of a crank, but I just can't get into Gay Pride. Every year I go out to watch it for awhile, and every year, I find it completely stupid. I think the French are just not wild enough to make it work, you know? You need some really drunk crazy people dancing up a storm. Hoards of massive drag queens. I personally think that you need to break up the techno with some really kitschy music like The Village People and ABBA. Let me see, what else? Well, I always appreciate parades where they throw candy into the crowds, but I don't know if that would be entirely appropriate at Gay Pride.

Ella just got up and I asked her if she wanted to go and listen to the music for a bit. She looked at me blankly and said, 'What music?' God, this kid is so packed full of B's genetic material, its unbelieveable.

Only three more days til we start holiday, thank god. I need to get out of this place.

Updated: 7:15, ie 4 hours since the noise started, and it is still going strong. Am ready to kill myself.


David said...

Come on, if you live on the Gay Pride path, that means you live on a great location 364 a day... :-)

Nicole said...

Well, now that I have had my dinner and am slightly less cranky, I might even go so far as to admit that it sounded like a really wild party at the Bastille. And they wound it all up around 8 so even grumpy old women like me can't complain too much.

David said...

I actually happened to walk by Bastille at around 7PM and it was very crowded but not really wild. Thing is the Gay Pride has somewhat become an institution with the years. A thing where the gays have to go, even if they don't really want to because they're gay and they don't support the cause if they don't go and where the straight go, because it's cool and it shows the world how un-homophobic they are.

Personally, I've never liked the idea of defining one's identity according to what type of person one has sex with, on the one hand and I really hate dance music on the other one, so I usually don't go near it, it was just on my way today...

Samantha said...

I knew Gay Pride was Saturday, but I had no idea it was going on outside my frickin' window!! I was pretty bitter myself since all I wanted to do was go home and sleep, but said air-horns made it quasi-impossible.