Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring is here

I hope I'm not jinxing anything by saying it outloud. Today is absolutely 100% gorgeous, with a blue sky and a big sun and all of the terrasses are full and so instead of getting my errands done this afternoon, I went shopping for summer clothes. I couldn't find anything for myself so I came home loaded down with bags of clothes for Ella, which makes me mad; its one of those mom things that I said I would never do. On the positive side, I started packing her summer clothes for the Turkey vacation and I think with this last shopping trip I can call it a day. The bag will be full and it should be enough to get her through two weeks. I can take that off my To-do list.

I wandered through the new lingerie department at BHV today on my way through the shop and noticed something that I had seen this past weekend while on a lingerie spree. You see older women and middle aged women with no make-up, frumpy clothes, and hair sticking up in every direction ever so carefully choosing the laciest, sexiest lingerie you can imagine. I love this idea that sexy lingerie is such a basic in the Frenchwoman's wardrobe that even when she is completely indifferent to more public aspects of her appearance, she never just throws in the towel and buys plain cotton briefs. I think that this is almost the opposite of American women.

I have a half hour before I need to go get Ella from daycare so I need to quickly put in my pilates DVD and squeeze in a workout. I went out with B and some friends of ours last night to Casa San Pablo on rue Sevigné and totally blew my diet. In all fairness, I had been trying to get a table at this restaurant for probably a year and since I finally managed to call for a reservation far enough in advance to be successful, I decided that I couldn't waste the opportunity by sticking to dried ham and mineral water all night. BORING. It was so worth it- the food is great and its cheap. We got three tapas menus for 16 euros each (12 plates in total) and it was more than we could finish. I would recommend this place but it only has like 10 tables and I am hoping I might manage to get another some day. So don't go, just admire from a distance.

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