Friday, November 09, 2007


I had to roll out of bed about an hour earlier than I would have liked, but it was all for a good cause- I managed to get in the door for the Maria Luisa sale with the first bunch of shoppers and I snagged three pairs of Manolos and a gorgeous white leather coat from Vivienne Westwood. I wore the jacket out last night and I just felt so incredibly sexy, even though I was just wearing jeans and a T-shirt with it. I think that there is just something about the way VW cuts her clothes that give an ultra-feminine shape. This is something that is going to get worn to death, I can already tell. They actually didn't have a very big choice for shoes. Lots of plain black heels, which I suppose are useful but just a bit boring, you know. The selection of Pierre Hardy heels was much more interesting but in the end, I decided classic Manolos were my best bet. Everything was more or less 80% off. Now, that is what I call a sale. Of course, the actual press got to go through the shop last night so I couldn't find any Alaia, which made me a bit sad as I had seen a really gorgeous navy blue dress at the beginning of summer that I would have loved to get my hands on. As far as I could tell there wasn't any Tomas Maier either, which would have definitely made the trip down there worthwhile. Anyways, I spent my allotted budget twice so its not as if I should have bought anything more.

B and I went out last night to see the film Supergrave (I think the original title is Superbad). Obviously, B choose the film although I agreed that I thought it might be good because the main character, Michael Cera, was so great in Arrested Development. I can't lie- I laughed really hard. Not at everything- I'm not the 15-year-old boy that the film is aimed at, but enough to have made it a good night out. I like Judd Apatow films. I like Seth Rogan. (And now I may be stating the obvious but..) I am not a film buff, I have no pretentions in that direction, but when I pay a fortune for a night at the movies, I want to be entertained. And sometimes, when I am playing with Ella and I see her laughing like a maniac over the stupidest stuff, I get a bit jealous trying to remember the last time I laughed that hard. Its a sad truth that when you are an adult, going about your day in the ordinary way, you just don't laugh out loud very often. It feels good to laugh, I believe everyone of those studies that supposedly proves that laughing can cure illnesses and improve your health.

Although, having said that, ancedotal evidence in our own house at the present time is a bit weak. This morning, B and I overslept and I thought that I would have to skip Gymboree since I wouldn't have enough time to take the metro all the way there. B told me to just call a taxi, so finally I got all our stuff together and we jumped in a taxi. I wasn't paying much attention to Ella since we had the most retarded taxi driver alive, who got in nearly two accidents within 50 meters of our house and then took the most ridiculous route imaginable to get there. We were almost there when we got stuck in a traffic jam near the peripherique. By this time, the meter was at 21 euro and we only had 10 minutes before our class started. I asked him to drop me off because I was going to take a tram instead. All of a sudden I noticed that Ella had a very odd look on her face- and before I could even wonder why, she started SPEWING vomit every where. Well, no. Not everywhere, mainly in my hands and then once I managed to get it out of my purse, into a diaper. The driver was having an absolute fit, I actually think he was nearly puking from the smell. We came straight home (and amazingly, with a puke-y kid in the car, he managed to do the return trip in a quarter of the time.) and I put Ella straight to bed.

Its only noon, and already I have spent 35 euro on taxis. I have another 20 euro of dry-cleaning to drop off. I cannot get the smell of puke off my hands, despite having washed them a good half-dozen times. And I have an entire afternoon of cranky baby games to look forward too since I can't take Ella to daycare now. TGIF does not apply to motherhood.
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PutYourFlareOn said...

That jacket is amazing. I think it would make anything look great. :)

Sorry to hear about Ella. Good call on the diaper. And I hate it when the taxi driver is dicking around just to run the meter up.

Nicole said...

Honestly, the diaper-as-vomit- receptacle was a pretty good move, if I do say so. I very briefly thought about putting my purse under her chin to catch the vomit but quickly decided that there was no way in Hell that I was sacrificing my Fendi Spy for this cause.
By the way, if you want to pop over to the sale, the address is 8bis rue de Braque and it goes all day today and tomorrow.

anna said...

Great shoes - fab! What a sale! Here, in UK the sales seem to be full of styles and sizes nobody wants - size 47 narrow fitting plastic slingbacks :-)