Friday, October 26, 2007

There has got to be an easier way

Gymboree is kicking my ass. We have to get out of the house by 10:15 in the morning (which is no small feat in and of itself), then take the metro 21 stops to Balard, then dash through the building, play like freakin' maniacs for 45 minutes and then do the whole trip in reverse. Today, I went down into the metro in the wrong place at Bastille and had to carry Ella and her stroller up and down no less than 8 staircases. On the return trip, I went up the first exit that I saw out, only to find that the escalator was broken and I had to carry her up the entire thing. I was ready to die. So it took extraordinary patience on the walk home to put up with Ella examining every single *?!%$* in the sidewalk for ants. (PS there are no ants on rue Petit Musc, for anyone interested.) What is normally a 7 minute walk took us nearly 20 minutes. Where is my medal? Do I even get a gold star on my mommy report card? No. I get a fussy baby who cried all the way to school because she wanted her daddy to take her. I need a nap.


Sally Lomax said...

I shouldn't laugh - but I did.... poor Nicole. You've got a Sally medal!

Nicole said...

Well, you probably have dozens of medals stacked up at home gathering dust. You must earn about 1 a day. I will gladly accept your Sally medal!