Thursday, October 04, 2007

London in a nutshell

OK- I know I promised a really good post about London today, but I totally crashed this afternoon after yet another hike across the city in record time. And now, I have to very very quickly get ready to go out tonight. B and I are heading over to the Felli Gallery on rue Vieille du Temple for an exhibition by one of our favorite artists, Charel. We never bought a painting for our anniversary and I wasn't too bothered but after looking through the exhibition catalogue, I would be really surprised if we came home empty handed. Anyways, here is super quick run -down of our weekend. Sadly I didn't take a single photo at my friends party, which was just lovely and boozy. They had the party catered by the best company- it was tray after tray of gorgeous little pan asian-type foods. Some sushi, some satay, some tempura, some sort of raw beef thing. I can't think what else but it was all so yummy. And due to jetlag (and the fact that Bruno and I totally forgot that we were an hour later than our watches said, so when Ella had a MAJOR melt-down upon entering the party, we were baffled) Ella went straight upstairs to bed but atleast my girlfriends got to see her and was all cuted-out with pigtails and buckle shoes.
Here is Ella being amased by a statue in the grand courtyard at the British Museum, while I sadly moped after finding out that we wouldn't be able to see the exhibition on the First Emperor (Qing) and the terracota army. So bummed but it was sold out.
Ella grinning like a monkey in front of a Greek temple. Its really astounding to think of the thousands of small Greek children who must have stood in that same place wearing their little baby togas (relatively speaking of course) and made the same face for their parents. On the otherhand, maybe the 'Cheese' face is a modern invention. Hmm.
In the library/gallery at the BM, the original portion of the museum. I loved this room and it led to a discussion of which parts of the museum were original and which were modern additions. After interrogating basically every person I spoke with for the rest of the weekend I discovered.... nothing. Apparently this is the greatest mystery since Jimmy Hoffa. No one had a clue.
The SOLE picture of me in London, just before Ella passed out from exhaustion. We covered her stroller with the plastic rain guard and then put B's coat over to keep out light and sound and do you know, you managed to sleep for like 2 hours while we met a friend for tea in the resto up on the 3rd floor. It was the most heavenly little gift of calm that I had never imagined finding on a weekend away with my child.
Oh- I had some other photos but they aren't here, so... will finish this another time.
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Alix said...

oh London feeling a little bit homesick now

Nicole said...

here is my last attempt at resolving the mystery. Do you know which parts of the BM are original and which are modern?