Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ella's Stocking-a-day Advent calendar

Finished one project. Now I am slaving away at that damn scarf for B- I think we have firmly established that I am not much of a knitter but sheer cussedness is keeping me from abandoning this scarf. Its a shame because I would love to be able to knit a little sweater for all the little babies due in 2007.
I haven't finished up my mom's cork wreath and this is clearly a mistake as my two co-crafters (B and my dad) will not stop with the advice and suggestions. Have tried to suggest that they 'put a cork in it, ha ha' and they think I am trying to do a bad pun. If only they knew where I really would like to stuff that bag of corks...
Today's To-do list includes going to my Grandmother's house to put up her Christmas tree. I do love being able to help her out, but as noted above I am not super excited about the whole tree decorating thing. And her massive collection of angel decorations is even more fuss-tastic than my mom's. Yikes. Atleast I am allowed to break into the liquor cabinet here and self-medicate to get through the project (hey, I have a head cold and it is a well known fact that brandy Tom-n-Jerry's are a sure fire cure.) Fear that strongest thing that Grandma will be offering are cherry cordials.
And since we managed to get a good shot this morning for our Christmas card, I will need to start in on that to get them in the post tomorrow afternoon.
Clearly I have been sniffing too many glue sticks. This is not vacation but a work camp for bad elves.

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Sally Lomax said...

Lovely advent calendar!