Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Apartment visits

I know, its only been two weeks and if we had actually sold our apartment in 2 weeks I would not only have been amazed but also completely freaked out over the idea of having to move out of here in January/February. But I don't think I can handle any more visits. Good god, they are annoying, particularly when I've decided that 99% of the time, they are just wasting my time.

Today there was a visit at 12 noon so I got up and started cleaning the house room by room. The cleaning lady is finished for the year so she hasn't been at all this week and I really needed to clean things and by the time I finished up, an hour and a half later, I was sweaty and tired. Why do I worry about missing yoga when a thorough house cleaning must easily burn as many calories with the bending and scrubbing and scooting around on my knees washing the floor. Plus I am constantly dashing around after Ella as I spy her getting into some new mischief. Of course, I had started the cleaning a bit later than I should have so I was moving even faster than normal to get everything done on time.

And then they didn't show. Assholes.

The woman who came at 12:30 was lovely but didn't seem really interested so basically all that was for nothing. I suppose one could argue that a clean house is a reward in and of itself, but that person would just be pissing me off right now. Getting up early, scrubbing the house from top to bottom daily, sitting Ella in front of a Dora film for the nth time so that I can either clean or show the house- honestly, our next place better be fucking amazing to warrant all this.

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Sally Lomax said...

We once moved just before Christmas and the person that we were buying from INSISTED that we completed on 17th December.

We moved into a filthy dirty house which needed renovating from top to bottom, and as it turned out was much worse than we had anticipated prior to moving in (incontinent live in mother with previous owner etc - another day, another blog...)

In short it was nothing short of disasterous. We ended up going to my parents for Christmas at the last minute, and we scrubbed for the entire week prior to Christmas around eldest daugheter and eldest son who were then 3 and 1. I was pregnant with number 3, which was why we had felt the urgent need to move to a house rather than our apartment. On reflection it would definitely have been better to stay put and move at a better time for us.

I know that you are only just on the market, but getting the place ready for buyers (who are always rude and picky about the most bizarre of personal things which is upsetting and demoralising) can be a nightmare.

Forgive me for suggesting this, and tell me to p... off if you wish, but would it be an idea to just enjoy Christmas and leave it off the market until the New Year? I don't know if Paris is the same as here, but generally speaking the New Year is often a better time to sell property n'est pas? (Hark at me, may take my own advice and take ours off the market for now!)

Either way. Don't worry though. I BET your house is lovely all the time. You care too much about it for it not to be...