Monday, June 21, 2010

Chia Laguna Beach

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Here is a lovely photo of me and girls on the beach in Sardaigne at Chia Laguna. There was hardly a person on the entire beach when we arrived and it was just perfect- a bit sauvage, with crystal clear turquoise water, rocks tumbling down to the sea for Ella to climb on, white sand, and at the far end, a little fresh water creek where we could wade. There was even a little bar on the other side of the creek, normally reserved for people staying at the big hotel hidden behind the hill, but since there was almost no one there, we managed to finagle a few lounge chairs and had cold drinks brought down to us when it got a bit too hot in the sun. A perfect day!

Big disclaimer- it started out Badly. The sky was cloudy and gray, so we put the kids in the car to do a bit of exploring. We headed up into the hills and after about 5 miles, Ella started looking green, we pulled over, and she vomited everywhere. We figured we weren't too far from the next town, so we wiped her down and carried on. Turns out that June 2 was a national holiday and everything in town was closed. After an extended game of charades with the old men propped up against a wall in the town square, we managed to find a small grocery store/tobacco shop open and I got some crackers and juice for in the car. We managed to make it to this beach without any further body fluids escaping from either girl. Oh- I almost forgot. We didn't remember to put diapers in the diaper bag so we were even more desperately in need of that grocer shop by the time we reached the town due to a poo-nami from Georgia. Oh, travelling with kids is SO MUCH FUN!

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